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Hamyaran Mosbat, the Mashhad Positive Club, works in close partnership with local, national and international institutions in the north and east regions of Iran to provide support to people living with HIV and other key populations, offering comprehensive services in a complex environment. The HIV clubs it establishes offer peer education, prevention workshops, a referral support system and counseling, while conducting home-based care and advocacy to religious leaders. The group focuses its efforts on people living with HIV as well as high risk groups such as injecting drug users, sex workers, and refugees. Hamyaran Mosbat’s harm reduction efforts have benefited 2,500 injecting drug users; 16,000 youths and adolescents have been reached through its outreach materials, and many more through its quarterly publication that provides a voice for people affected by HIV.


On September 15, 2008, Mashhad Positive Club (MPC), Winner of Red Ribbon Award 2008, launched the “HEMMAT” Project to provide support to and empower children affected by HIV. In line with the “Positive Prevention” strategy of the Second National AIDS Program - which also seeks to provide any support to PLHIV and their families- MPC decided to implement a project to address affected children as well as their parents who are living with HIV.

MPC defined the following goals:

  1. To sensitize the community leaders on mobilize any support to children affected by HIV
  2. Skill-building among children affected by HIV through life skills and art training and recreational activities
  3. To provide them any direct support to raise the rate of education among them
  4. To empower their parents on “Children Training Skills”

After several advocacy meetings with charities and key persons in Mashhad- the second biggest city of I.R. Iran- the first activity of the project was held onn 15th September 2008. Children were identified and invited to the MPC dinner ceremony. The goals of the projects were explained to them, and they were given stationery, shoes and clothes through, thanks to the support of the Attar and Atrin Institutes. The ceremony was held in Khaje Rabie Adolescent Friendly Services (AFS) center, already supported by UNICEF Iran.
MPC is self-motivated for the project implementation and seeking for any organizations to fund this initiative. We look forward to your contact!

Telephone :
+98 511 75 30 927
FAX: +98 511 75 30 927
Website: www.hivclub.ir
Street Address : No. 65, Beyne Shafa 30 va 32, Shafa Blvd Mashhad
Khorasan Razavi, 9196676778

Vahid Nowbahar: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , +98 915 512 6137
Sara Fateh: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , +98 936 906 9006
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