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The Center for Popular Education and Human Rights Ghana provides HIV prevention, education and advocacy to a broad range of vulnerable and most at risk communities, including men who have sex with men; and seeks to protect and uphold the human rights and health of the entire sexual minorities in Ghana.

The Coalition of Women living with HIV/AIDS in Malawi is a grassroots organization active in every district of Malawi that works to highlight the issues of women living with HIV at the national level.

Consol Homes works in rural areas of Malawi providing support to children orphaned by AIDS and has developed a model of youth leadership recognized locally, nationally and regionally.

FIMIZORE (“Organization for the rights of all”) operates in Madagascar to reduce the vulnerability of sex workers to HIV, sexually transmitted infections and gender-based violence.

Mama’s Club is a community-based organization working to empower HIV positive mothers in Uganda by providing psychosocial peer to peer support, prevention literacy, income generating skills, and mentor training for young mothers.

Ntankah Village Women Common Initiative Group brings a gender and development approach to the AIDS response in rural communities in Cameroon, carrying out culturally sensitive programs and empowering women economically and politically.

Power Positive Support Community Based Organization champions children’s rights, supports people living with HIV, and works to ensure women’s property and inheritance rights, especially in cases involving HIV, in communities in Kenya.

SANERELA +, the South African Network of Religious Leaders Living with or Personally Affected by HIV or AIDS supports male and female religious leaders living with HIV from a variety of denominations, including traditional spiritual leaders and healers, so that they can engage with their communities, congregations and civil society to put an end to stigma and discrimination.

Voice of Roses is an organization comprised of vulnerable people including HIV positive youths and orphaned children that promotes HIV advocacy and provides information to youths in schools and internally displaced camps in Nakuru, Kenya.


Empower Foundation has been highly recognized in Thailand for the nine centers that it runs throughout the country that have reached over 50,000 sex workers with its HIV prevention programmes and message of human rights for sex workers.

The National Federation of Women Living with HIV/AIDS was formed as a result of 26 distinct organizations uniting to respond to the specific needs of women living with HIV and their children throughout Nepal.

People Like Us – PLUS is a community-based organization of transgender youth that runs a variety of programmes, in India, aimed at providing care and support to people living with HIV and fighting stigma and discrimination against transgender populations, men who have sex with men, sex workers and people living with HIV.

Sanghamitra, a women’s collective in Mumbai, India, advocates for the rights of sex workers, collaborates with the police to ensure protection of legal rights, and operates clinics to improve access to health services and HIV prevention.

Sankalp Rehabilitation Trust is a community-based organization that offers HIV prevention and treatment services to injecting drug users at five permanent locations and prisons in Mumbai, India.

Social Action for Women provides shelter, health and educational facilities for HIV-positive immigrant women and children from Myanmar in border areas of Thailand.

Yayasan Kesehatan Bali - YAKEBA is a grassroots organization seeking to support and empower people living with HIV and injecting drug users and active in the harm reduction movement in Bali, Indonesia.


The Estonian Network of People living with HIV seeks to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV by providing psychological and social support, counseling, and legal aid as well as advocating for accessibility to medicine and diagnostics for people living with HIV.

Phoenix Plus was founded and organized by people living with HIV in Russia to focus on creating and supporting social services for people living with HIV as well to decrease stigma and discrimination to advance prevention, care and human rights.


ASONVIHSIDA is the only organization in Nicaragua formed by people living with HIV, working in five provinces and reaching 300 people living with HIV and their families.

Associación Civil Amavida operates in the rural state of Zulia in Venezuela and is dedicated to promoting and protecting the human rights of all people affected by HIV, as well as implementing prevention, access to treatment, care and support programmes.

Fortaleciendo la Diversidad focuses on improving the quality of life, health and acceptance of transgender populations and sex workers while providing HIV prevention services such as facilitating access to voluntary testing and monthly condom distribution in San Luis, Mexico.

Grupo de Amigos con VIH operates Casa Hogar, a home for children orphaned by AIDS, as well as works in underserved areas in Mexico to provide HIV related information, training, and facilitate support groups and nutrition programs.

Promoteurs Objectifs Zéro Sida operates from five sites in Haiti to offer guidance, counseling and support to over 2,000 people living with HIV and collaborates with religious leaders and the media to shape the Haitian response to AIDS.


Association de Lutte contre le Sida has advocated for the human rights of people living with HIV in Morocco since 1988 and has achieved a variety of policy and programmatic successes including providing access to antiretrovirals, increased HIV awareness and voluntary counseling and testing.

Hamyaran Mosbat, the Mashhad Positive Club, is the first group to work in the north and east regions of Iran to provide support to people living with HIV and marginalized groups.