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Red Nacional De Pueblos Originarios en Respuesta Al VIH/Sida (RENPO) (The National Network of Indigenous Communities in the HIV Response)
kehpca_logoRed Nacional De Pueblos Originarios en Respuesta Al VIH/Sida (RENPO) (Chile) OR National Network of Indigenous Communities in the HIV Response is the first indigenous organization of Chile in the fight against HIV and is recognized by the authorities of Chile. It provides translations of Spanish to the indigenous languages, peer counseling of indigenous people, and accompanying antiretroviral treatment.


Red Nacional De Pueblos Originarios en Respuesta Al Sida (RENPO), a national network of indigenous people working in the HIV response, was founded in 2011. It is a network of 9 indigenous communities (peoples); each has their right to self-determination established according to ILO convention 169. RENPO works with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Social Development, and the National Office of Indigenous Affairs (CONADI) to strengthen HIV prevention and treatment services for indigenous populations, reduce ethnic discrimination, and ensure that these populations participate in the formulation of government policies. RENPO translates key information on HIV from Spanish to indigenous languages, provides peer counseling in local languages and provides support to people on HIV treatment.

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Profile in Brief
Red Nacional De Pueblos Originarios en Respuesta Al HIV/Sida
Field of Work
Accompanying antiretroviral treatment
HIV/AIDS prevention for indigenous people
Counselling of indigenous peers
Racial non-discrimination and inclusion of indigenous populations in public policy
Populations Served
Within 9 indigenous communities:
- Women
- People who use drugs
- Children
- Transgender
- Sex Workers
- Men who have sex with Men
25 partners
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Social Development
  • The National Office of Indigenous Affairs (CONADI)


  • Through RENPO, the Ministry of Health is providing HIV prevention services for nine indigenous peoples of Chile, including prevention trainings in the north and south of Chile and on Easter Island.
  • RENPO has contributed to reducing AIDS-related deaths by breaking down cultural barriers between indigenous languages and Spanish. With RENPO’s advocacy, the Ministry of Health has facilitated the entry of indigenous translators in medical consultations, which was key to ensuring adherence to ART and indigenous medicine.
  • RENPO was successful in making the Ministry of Health recognize ancestral indigenous sexual diversity, the vulnerability of the indigenous people affected by HIV, that this population be designated as a key population.


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Address: Cesar Vera 2012,
Castro, Chiloe,
5600000, Chile
Tel: +5682255989 / +56978912145
Website: https://www.facebook.com/RENPO-CHILE-457695201065698/