Celebrating Community Leadership and Action On AIDS
Chitwan Sakriya Women’s Foundation
kehpca_logoChitwan Sakriya Women’s Foundation (Nepal) improves the quality life of people living with HIV through holistic approach and promoting rights of women through empowerment activities. For 10 years now, CSWF has worked to reduce the stigma and discrimination that was unbearable due to ignorance about the disease which was compounded by the traditional and social blame of widows as being responsible for the fate of their husbands.


ChitwanSakriya Women’s Foundation(CSWF) is the first non-profit making, non-political and absolutely community-based social organization founded in 2006 in Chitwan District. It is run by WLHA and is dedicated to improving the quality of life of WLHA as well as spouses of migrant workers and their families through provision of quality HIV and AIDS prevention, care, and support services as well as promoting the rights of women who for centuries have been marginalized by the social/ cultural structures. As an organization, ChitwanSakriya Women’s Foundation stands for Women Living with HIV and women in general, in particular trying to employ women and preferably WLHIVs. The organizations’programme areas are HIV and AIDS as well as Women Rights. Among other achievements, CSWF has strengthened partnership and programming for key populations, and has initiated advocacy efforts and resource mobilization, especially for children affected by AIDS.

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Profile in Brief
Chitwan Sakriya Women’s Foundation (CSWF)
Field of Work
HIV/AIDS, treatment, care and support
Rights of women
Children affected by AIDS
Support conflict resolution on domestic violence
Populations Served
Spouses of migrants
32 Full time staff, 2 part-time staff, 16 Peer educators (volunteers)
  • Action Aid/Irish Aid
  • Global Fund
  • Save the children
  • District Development Office(DDC)


  • People are more sensitive about rights of women living with HIV/AIDS. Leadership and advocacy skills have been increased among women’s groups and alliances.
    • With support from the SOS children’s’ village, CSWF started providing scholastic materials to HIV/AIDS infected and affected children who were in dire need. Eight children are currently benefiting from this scheme, one child receives free education and three are being supported by care home (STAR Children).
  • The CSWF has secured land to set up a rehabilitation center for women living with HIV/AIDS and victims of domestic violence due to their collaboration with District development Committee (DDC)
  • CSWF’s greatest success was eight years ago. Accessing HIV prevention, care and treatment facilities was almost impossible due to ignorance, stigma and discrimination and lack of services centres within the vicinity. Now, access is increasingly a reality thanks to CSWF’s efforts


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Address: Muktinagar Marga
977, Bharatpur, Nepal
Tel: 0720 333 141 / 0707 225 813
Website: https://www.facebook.com/CSWFChitwan