Celebrating Community Leadership and Action On AIDS
2016 Red Ribbon Award Winners

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Good health and well-being (SDG3)

The Collaborative Network for Persons Living with HIV (C-NET+) (Belize) is a grass roots organization that was legally established in 2011 to improve the quality of life of all persons living with HIV and key populations most affected by HIV in Belize. Since their inception, they have promoted representation of persons with HIV and they have made sure that their voices and needs are heard at local, national, regional and international platforms.

Colectivo Seres, A.C. (Mexico) provides counselling, support and care to people who have been victims of violations of their human rights through specific programs, strategies, services and actions. Colectivo Seres A.C. empowers the LGTBI community, adolescents and young people, men and women to meet their challenges in the response to HIV/AIDS and sexual diversity.

Réseau National des jeunes vivant avec le VIH (RNJ+) (Burundi) is a community-based organization that advocates and delivers comprehensive Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) services for young people living with HIV on a global platform. Since 2004, RNJ+ has reached over 20,000 young people through peer education and community outreach programming aimed at raising awareness around HIV.


Reduced inequalities (SDG10)

Kenya Sex Workers Alliance (KESWA) (Kenya) is a community–based organization that brings together female, male and transgender sex-worker led organizations with a vision of improving their human rights status through designing and implementing innovative, evidence-based and cost-effective advocacy campaigns that can influence public policy and practice in the field of human rights of sex workers.

Positive Action for Treatment Access (PATA) (Nigeria) provides access to treatment, education, care and support services for people living with HIV, empowering adolescents living with HIV with knowledge and skills through leadership and mentorship programs to play more meaningful roles in HIV programming at the community, state and international level.


Gender equality (SDG5)

Chitwan Sakriya Women’s Foundation (Nepal) improves the quality life of people living with HIV through holistic approach and promoting rights of women through empowerment activities. For 10 years now, CSWF has worked to reduce the stigma and discrimination that was unbearable due to ignorance about the disease which was compounded by the traditional and social blame of widows as being responsible for the fate of their husbands.

Tehran Positive Club (Iran) provides positive prevention, psychosocial support with the aim of empowering and developing the capacities of people living with HIV (PLHIV) for the management and improvement of life skills as well as reduction of stigma and discrimination in Iran. Management of the Club is performed by a central council including five people living with HIV who are elected by the Club members. The services are delivered to PLHIV, affected persons by HIV and people in the community. Moreover, the Club provides the services for key populations. Most importantly, the Club as the first established Positive Club in Iran has been a pioneer for other Positive Clubs.


Just, peaceful & inclusive societies (SDG16)

YouthRISE (Nigeria) is a youth led organization working with people who use drugs to prevent HIV infection and other infectious diseases among its community members. It provides access to HIV services, treatment and care for people who use drugs through the implementation of tailored services to the need of the target population.

Red Nacional De Pueblos Originarios en Respuesta Al VIH/Sida (RENPO) (The National Network of Indigenous Communities in the HIV Response) (Chile) is the first indigenous organization of Chile working in the fight against HIV. RENPO provides HIV prevention, peer counselling, and treatment support to indigenous populations, in local languages and adapted to the context. It works closely with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Development and National Office of Indigenous Affairs, advocating for services for indigenous populations and ensuring they have a voice in policy-making


Global partnership (SDG17)

INA Foundation (New Zealand) secures and improves the lives of indigenous people living with HIV through solidarity: mobilizing, organizing, advocating, mentoring and raising consciousness on the issues that directly impact their lives regionally and internationally through greater attention on issues specific to indigenous people living in New Zealand.


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