Celebrating Community Leadership and Action On AIDS
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Red Ribbon Award


Celebrating Community Leadership

Community based organizations lie at the heart of the response to the AIDS epidemic – displaying extraordinary courage, resilience and strength in addressing one of the greatest challenges of our time. Using creative and sustainable ways to promote prevention and provide treatment, care, and support to people living with HIV and demonstrating innovation in the face of stigma and discrimination, these examples of community leadership are showing us in practical terms how to reverse a global epidemic – one community at a time.

The Award

The red ribbon is a global symbol in the movement to address AIDS. The Red Ribbon Award, presented every two years at the International AIDS Conference, is designed to honor and celebrate community based organizations for their outstanding initiatives that show leadership in reducing the spread and impact of AIDS. The award is a joint effort of the UNAIDS family and as such, this year it will place particular emphasis on the organization's newly approved global priority areas of action.