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Girl Child Counseling Women Group (G.C.C.W.G)
kehpca_logoGirl Child Counseling Women Group (G.C.C.W.G) is a grass roots women group that focuses on bringing together all community members to address the high rate of new HIV infections among women of child bearing age in the Matunda, Kenya region. The group vision is “A HIV free generation in the Matunda location.”


The Girl Child Counselling Women Group (G.C.C.W.G) was formed in the year 2002 by 12 women from Matunda, Rift Valley Province in Kenya. The number of its members has continued to increase each year and to date the group has 56 members. The main aim of the group was to bring together all Matunda community members to address the increasing incidence of HIV infections among women of child bearing age in effort to reduce the high death rates among these group of women and the children born to HIV positive mothers who were infected during and after birth. The group is mission is to contribute towards the education of the Matunda community on the importance of counseling and testing and knowledge of HIV status among women of child bearing age and their sexual male partners. In addition the group educates on the need of accessing Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) services together as a preventive measure of fighting HIV and other sexual transmitted infections spread among sexual partners. This is done with the goal of reducing the risk of mother to child transmission of HIV during and after birth and to ensure children are born HIV free and maintain HIV free status. Another objective is to ensure mothers are able to get care, treatment, support and family planning services at PMTCT sites in order to help them maintain their health and reduce early deaths due to opportunistic infections. G.C.C.W.G commits its efforts to hard work, respect for all and the environment.

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Profile in Brief
Girl Child Counseling Women Group (G.C.C.W.G)
Eastern and Southern Africa
Field of Work
HIV prevention among women of reproductive age and their sexual male partners.
Family planning.
Treatment, care and support.
Sexual reproductive health.
Populations Served
Women of child bearing age, their sexual male partners, children and people living with HIV/AIDS.
The group has employed five staff, three women and two men. There are eight part time staffs employed by the group, four women and four men. There are 60 volunteers involved in the group work, 56 women and 4 men.
  • G.C.C.W.G has trained and established a network of 20 young women, who formerly were working as commercial sex workers, to be peer health educators to their peers who are still working as commercial sex workers. Also, these peer health educators help in supplying this target group with condoms as a way of preventing HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases.
  • G.C.C.W.G has helped equip 225 young women (mostly young single mothers and young widows) with vocational skills in hairdressing, tailoring and knitting that have enabled them to get employment or start their own trades. This helps fight poverty, which is the greatest contributor to spreading HIV among poor and marginalized women in rural Matunda. Overall, G.C.C.W.G has helped establish 12 support groups of women living with HIV in Matunda.
  • G.C.C.W.G has helped establish 10 small development groups, one per each village in Matunda. Here women are trained on how to start livelihoods activities, marketing, savings, record keeping and starting table banks where the members can get credit to start and develop their livelihood activities.


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Address: Girl Child Centre
By Grace Building Matunda
Matunda Rift Valley Province 30205 Kenya
Tel: +254723798948