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Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD)
kehpca_logoSociety Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) is dedicated to the eradication of homophobia in Guyana and throughout the Caribbean. SASOD has worked to repeal discriminatory Guyanese laws, change local attitudes about the LGBT community and end discrimination in the government, workplace and community.


SASOD has been the leading LGBT human rights non-governmental organisation in Guyana since 2003. SASOD’s mission is to work towards the eradication of all forms of discrimination, particularly on the grounds of sexuality, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. The organisational focus has described as the “3H agenda”: Homophobia(s), Human rights and Health promotion. SASOD has provided authentic voices a face to represent sexual and gender minorities, and other vulnerable populations in Guyana for over a decade. SASOD is the first public group to identify with LGBT communities in Guyana. When homophobic singers hold concerts, or public personalities make discriminatory pronouncements, SASOD provides a vocal and visible response to counter homophobic stigma and discrimination. Also when sexual and gender minorities suffer any kind of abuse, rights violations or discrimination, SASOD provides a space for services and intervention. These services include: legal assistance, support and referrals in accessing health and social services, case documentation and advocacy to help them achieve justice. SASOD has helped countless LGBT Guyanese to claim their human rights in situations of crisis. In just over a decade, SASOD has managed to significantly advance LGBT rights in Guyana through litigation, legislative and policy advocacy and socio-cultural work. SASOD is an outstanding organisation in the fields of advocacy, human rights and HIV prevention. SASOD documented the abuses seven arrested trans-women and secured a pro-bono legal representation. Guyana's most of prominent national newspaper reported it as a “historic case.”

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Profile in Brief
Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Demerara, Guyana
Field of Work
Prevention of sexual transmission among young people
Advocating for abolishing punitive laws, discrimination and harmful practices around HIV transmission
Populations Served
Men who have Sex with Men
Young people
Sex workers
4 full-time, 1 part-time and 36 volunteers.
  • SASOD was recognised for its innovative and creative programming in the Latin American region last year when it was selected by the Sydney Latin American Film Festival as a recipient of its Community Support Programme. Other innovative HIV programmes include sign-language training for community advocates to reach deaf and hearing-impaired MSM and sexual and gender minorities with services. The staff was trained in sign language through this programme and are equipped to receive complaints in sign language of rights abuses.
  • SASOD started a MSM + Prevention with Positives to provide a sex-positive space for HIV positive MSM to meet each other, build community and discuss issues of interest, such as disclosure and their role in preventing new infections.
  • Through the community mobilisation work under our constitutional challenge to the laws against cross-dressing, SASOD started a monthly support group for transgender persons, which lead to the genesis of the country and region's first organised transgender rights group, called the Guyana Trans United (GTU).


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Address: 169 Charlotte Street
Lacytown, Georgetown, Demerara, 00000, Guyana
Tel: 5922257283