Celebrating Community Leadership and Action On AIDS
Cherkassy Regional Branch of All-Ukrainian Network of PLWHA
kehpca_logoCherkassy Regional Branch of All-Ukrainian Network of PLWHA started as a self-help group to aid the HIV positive community. Over the past 12 years, the organisation has worked to create systematic changes at the regional level to improve the quality of life through treatment, diagnosis and support for people living with HIV.


On August 2, 2004 the Cherkasy Regional Branch of the charitable organisation All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS was registered. For several years the organisation has been developing gender-sensitive services for HIV-positive women. Many mothers of HIV-positive children suffer from domestic violence and substance abuse. These women need a safe place and shelter. All-Ukrainian Network of PLWHA is the only NGO in the Cherkasy region engaged in the support of pregnant women and mothers. Despite the effort to reduce HIV transmission from mother to child, the Cherkassy region is leading in this area in Ukraine. Lobbying for the diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDS is one of the All-Ukrainian Network’s priorities. The organisation operates in the city of Cherkasy and the Cherkasy region, and is working at the national level, to represent interests of people living with HIV and AIDS.

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Profile in Brief
Cherkasy Regional Branch of All-Ukrainian Network of PLHIV
Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Field of Work
Elimination of new HIV infections among children, saving lives of mothers, Women's Health
Combating gender-based violence
Discrimination that block effective AIDS treatment and marginalize certain population groups
Treatment, care and support
Populations Served
Women and young girls
Sex workers
Men who have Sex with Men (MSM)
Number of employees in the organisation – 28 people. Full-time staff - 13 people. Part-time
staff - 15 people. Volunteers - 10 people.
  • For 10 years, the organisation has conducted campaigns on International AIDS Day and AIDS Memorial Day. Each year, activities are organized to bring innovative ideas to the forefront of the community. In 2013 new ideas and events were introduced, such as: a thematic exhibition of handmade articles, a soccer tournament and quiz among teams. The theme was “What is HIV?” and a photo exhibition by Alexander Glyadelova "+ Woman = Life" which was attended by HIV positive women from all over Ukraine.
  • Another great achievement was the thematic concert with the slogan "I have strength to live.” It took place in the biggest shopping mall, "Lubava," in the city. The administration provided support to conduct a 6-hour marathon, which is a great indicator of tolerant and respectful attitude of the organisation.
  • All-Ukrainian Network of PLWHA has established the Adaptation Centre for Women (homeless, victims of violence, including women with children, HIV-positive women, substance dependent women, sex workers, and women released from prison). In total the centre has provided gender-specific services to 810 women and young girls for the year of 2013.


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Address: 50 Mozhaiskogo
Cherkasy, Cherkasy, 18009 (Ukraine)
Tel: 380677995676