Celebrating Community Leadership and Action On AIDS
Action pour la Lutte contre l’Ignorance du SIDA (ALCIS)
kehpca_logoAction pour la Lutte contre l’Ignorance du SIDA (ALCIS) is a community-based organisation founded in 1999 to prevent sexual transmission of HIV among young people and men who have sex with men in the context of sex work. It is the only organisation in the Democratic Republic of Congo to organize sex workers and MSM into solidarity committees which represent a collective and cooperative entity.


“Action for the fight against AIDS Ignorance” ("ALCIS") is a community health organisation of sex workers and men who have sex with men (MSM). The ALCIS Association has been recognized as a public charity by legal and competent authorities of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Since 2000 ALCIS has led a local movement to promote and defend the rights of sex workers and MSM. ALCIS gathers Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender persons, and works (among others) to: provide assistance, support and information; fight against discrimination and violence; empower women; support the development of solidarity and promote the decriminalization of sex work. ALCIS also contributes to knowledge about human rights and the challenges of HIV. Its information meetings are designed to teach on different topics such as HIV / AIDS, safer sex among women and men in the sex industry, gender equality, sexual violence, and sexual rights. ALCIS provides a theatrical presentation in public spaces to improve the image of sex workers and MSM, it also has a constant presence in the streets, bars, cinemas and brothels to offer advice and prevention.

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Profile in Brief
Action pour la Lutte Contre l'Ignorance du Sida (ALCIS)
Bukavu, province of South Kivu (Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo)
Field of Work
Legal Clinic and rights awareness
Defense and pressure
Documentation and reporting of an incident of serious violations of human rights of sex workers.
Populations Served
Men who have Sex Men (MSM)
Young people
Sex Workers
Transgender populations
ALCIS has 15 full time employees including sex workers and men who have sex with men and
7 part-time employees working as consultants
14 people who participate as volunteers in ALCIS’ work.
  • ALCIS has organized and consolidated sex workers and MSM in ten committees that develop strategies for facilitating peer education on sexual health and safety. They successfully provide space where sex workers and MSM can share their stories and experiences on violence.
  • Helping to develop the skills of sex workers and MSM to lobby and document violations of their human rights. Additionally, ALCIS has worked to enhance the social image of sex workers and MSM as a population engaged in the protection of the public health response to HIV. Through its approach to HIV, ALCIS has managed to put sex workers through the forefront of the national struggle; working for a "generation without AIDS in the DRC.”
  • ALCIS has helped to change gender discriminating laws and worked to integrate new policies that protect populations of sex workers and MSM.



Address: 479, Avenue Patrice Amery LUMUMBA, Ibanda,
Bukau, Sud-Kivu 243
Tel: (+243) 818001361