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Born in 2004, The Youth Volunteer Group (YVG) is the first community-based organisation working across four regions of Thailand to respond to the needs of children living with or affected by HIV. The organisation has been instrumental in raising awareness about these vulnerable children and addressing stigma and discrimination in the community through the involvement of young people living with HIV in decisions that affect them. The group has been able to bring hope and change to the lives of the children and the youth it supports by building their self-esteem and empowering them to communicate directly to Thai society about the issues they face, such as marginalization and drug resistance to antiretroviral treatment. Through the organization, children and youth have used creative arts, like drawing, photography, short films, performance arts and music, which simultaneously greatly enrich their lives. The group has grown to 200 members, reaching out to 1,000 youth and establishing partnerships with different organisations. The Youth Volunteer Group’s efforts extend to some of the most marginalized children, including those from ethnic groups living in highland areas or children of migrant workers. Thanks to the work of the Group, children and youth living with HIV in Thailand receive better quality services in an environment free of stigma.

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Profile in Brief
The Youth Volunteer Group
Community-Bsed Organisation
Field of Work
Treatment Care and Access
Economic Empowerment
Harm Reduction
Populations Served
Children and Youth
3 full-time
  • It is the first time that children and youth living with HIV are able to open up a space to communicate with Thai society directly. The group attempts to let people know that children living with HIV are not different from others and how a lack of understanding in society affect them.
  • Communities have started to listen to children and youth living with HIV more seriously and concerned organizations have taken up the organisation’s proposals and implemented them to see that children and youth living with HIV are able to live similar lives than those of other children.

  • The work of the organization has also allowed positive children and youth to get together in groups and turn around their lives completely: from thinking life was not worth living and that death was imminent to start hoping and see that other people care for them.


  • "We Understand" Group
  • Phachomklao Phetburi Hospital
  • AIDS ACCESS Foundation – Chiang Rai
  • Srinagarind Hospital – Khon Kaen University
  • Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre
  • Knowledge Network Institute of Thailand
  • Thai Network of People Living with HIV
  • Thai Youth Network on AIDS
  • UNICEF Thailand



The Sea Has a Secret (recording for stage performance for AIDS Campaign "Who I Am, Why Am I Here, 2006-2007):

The Sea Has a Secret (recording for stage performance for AIDS Campaign "Who I Am, Why Am I Here, 2006-2007):
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXkCUcYpW6E
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9K1y-xq7qIM


Website: http://www.thaipositivekids.com
E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: 662 377 5065
Address: Nakhonthai 11
Ladprao 101
Bangkok 10240