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A pioneer organisation, Positive Voice (PV) started in 2007 and is one of the leading non-governmental organisations in Nepal that advocates for the continuum of care and support for people using drugs and living with HIV, while building awareness around human rights obligations related to HIV. Positive Voice made a significant breakthrough in successfully lobbying for access to and scaling-up of harm-reduction services together with antiretroviral treatment and services for management of opportunistic infections. As part of their advocacy campaign strategy, the organisation finds households to sponsor people who use drugs and are living with HIV, who are then enrolled in oral substitution therapy and anti-retroviral treatment to ensure sustainability of medication supply. Positive Voice has also advocated and assisted the implementation of methadone programmes as an oral substitution therapy for people who use drugs, provided social support to methadone users and educated them about their basic human rights and about issues of greater involvement of people living with HIV and people who use drugs in policy-making and provision of services. Through unprecedented and comprehensive work, Positive Voice has been at the forefront of securing the rights of people using drugs and living with HIV in Nepal.

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Profile in Brief
Positive Voice
Grassroots Initiative
Field of Work
Human Rights
Treatment Care and Access
Stigma and Discrimination
Harm Reduction
Populations Served
Injecting Drug Users (IDUs)
6 full-time (unpaid in 2010), 12 volunteers
  • Advocacy and support work includes: lobbying for workplace protection and rights for people who use drugs as well as people living with HIV while simultaneously striving to create stigma-free employment environments; and advocating for the continuum of care, support and access to treatment for people using drugs and living with HIV.
  • Made a significant breakthrough in advocating for access to antiretroviral therapy for people who use drugs and has started a continuous advocacy campaign for scaling up oral substitution therapy and antiretroviral therapy programs.
  • Organized protests, media campaigns, and spoke in various forums stressing the need for increasing oral substitute therapy and antiretroviral therapy services in Nepal. As a result, UNODC, UNDP and the AIDS Health Care Foundation have scaled up their support to the existing antiretroviral therapy services and currently advocate for increases in their resource allocation.
  • PV currently houses eighteen individuals, many of whom are receiving antiretroviral therapy and oral substitution therapy.
  • In 2008, PV provided referral and counseling services to approximately 90 individuals and assisted numerous individuals with CD4 monitoring and testing.


  • TIDES Foundation
  • National Association of People Living with HIV and AIDS in Nepal
  • Recovering Nepal


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