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Albanian Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS (AAP) - Albania



The Albanian Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS (AAP) advocates for access to treatment, provides support and works to protect the rights of people living with HIV, including children. In a context where no human rights framework existed for people living with HIV, where prevention information has been very limited and where stigma at all levels has been extremely high, APP offers psychosocial support to vulnerable individuals through education, counselling and provision of health services, including immunization shots and medication for opportunistic infections. Through HIV-sensitization seminars, APP reaches out to key populations at higher risk, such as women in prison and victims of trafficking, and also targets health-care and education-system staff. The organisation's advocacy work with the Ministry of Health has promoted the rights of people living with HIV and resulted in the availability of antiretroviral treatment. Similarly, lobbing of the Ministry of Education has given children living with HIV the right to education previously denied to them. Collaborating with the National AIDS Programme, APP identifies newly diagnosed people and provides them with the support they need. The first and only organisation in Albania created and directed by people living with HIV, APP has been instrumental in advocating for protecting the rights of people living with HIV through a legal framework.


Profile in Brief
Albanian Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS
Non-Governmental Organisation
Field of Work
Treatment, Care and Support
Stigma and Discrimination
Harm Reduction
Human Rights
Populations Served
Men who have Sex with Men (MSM)
General Population
5 full-time, 2 part-time, 7 volunteers
  • Achieving increased access to antiretroviral treatment for people living with HIV.
  • Participating in the creation of a law (which passed in July 2008) on Prevention and Control of HIV in Albania, which serves as a mechanism to guarantee and protect the human rights of people living with HIV.
  • Advocated for the review of the National Strategy on HIV in order to improve the policies and legal framework related to HIV issues.
  • Protection and promotion of human rights for people living with HIV, including their right to education, healthcare, social and economic support and information.
  • Offering psychological support to people living with HIV, especially newly diagnosed individuals.


  • Global Fund
  • WHO
  • UNDP
  • Regional Foundation Partnerships in Health
  • Vodafone Albania Foundation


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Phone:  00355 692481657
Rruga: "Aleksander Moisiu,"
Nr. 80
Tirana 1017