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Svitanok Club is the first organisation in the Donetsk region created and managed by people living with HIV and people who use drugs. It supports people living with HIV, including children, people who use drugs, prisoners and sex workers. Svitanok Club started as a day-care facility for children living with and affected by HIV and has since provided psychological, social, and medical support to almost 200 children, including orphans, their parents and guardians. Svitanok lobbies for children’s rights and supports their needs, including treatment adherence, offering summer schools as well as seminars and workshops for their families. The Club’s work with people who inject drugs and sex workers includes HIV-prevention activities, medical services, self-help groups, needle-exchange programmes, peer-counselling, professional counselling and home-based care for people living with HIV.  Their gender project in prisons provided opportunities for women inmates living with HIV, women who use drugs and sex workers by offering information on HIV prevention, treatment and care, medical assistance, reproductive health information and support of women’s involvement in responding to the epidemic. Svitanok has become a catalyst in the creation of other organisations assisting people living with HIV and in 2008-2009 alone served more than 1,500 people who use drugs and 1,000 prisoners.

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Profile in Brief
Svitanok Club
Community-Based Organisation
Field of Work
Stigma and Discrimination
Economic Empowerment
Treatment, Care and Support
Human Rights
Populations Served
Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
Injecting Drug Users (IDUs)
Sex Workers
30 volunteers, 4 full-time, 31 part-time
  • The organisation lobbied the transfer of school children living with HIV from the Children's Home to age-appropriate board facilities of the Donetsk region.
  • Self-help groups for people living with HIV and people who use drugs have been working in Donetsk for over 7 years and no longer depend on external resources.
  • Almost 200 children, including orphans, their parents, and/or guardians have received psychological, social, and medical support. One example of this support is more than 20 children with HIV-tuberculosis (TB) co-infection received additional medication assistance that the TB clinic could not provide.
  • At the request of WHO Country Office in Ukraine, the organisation held events aimed at improving the coordination in regard to HIV-TB co-infection and training HIV-service NGOs’ non-medical staff.
  • A regional conference was held for the employees of orphanage facilities raising children who are living with HIV and the non-governmental organisations of Donetsk region.
  • Fifty low-income families with HIV positive children receive food boxes quarterly.
  • In 2006, the Club won the Charity Provider of the Year in Donetsk in the public organisations category.


  • WHO
  • Department of Corrections
  • Regional AIDS Center
  • Alternative AIDS CEnter
  • Red Cross Society
  • Your Choice Club
  • Stalker Club


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