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Uganda Young Positives (UYP) was created to address the enormous challenges of vulnerable youth, whose social, economic and psychological issues were not addressed by existing AIDS programmes in the country. UYP started therefore as an organisation for and by young people to promote a better quality of life for young people living with HIV, including orphans and vulnerable children, to reduce the stigma and discrimination they face and to decrease national HIV prevalence. The organisation took the lead in addressing antiretroviral treatment-access issues among young people and has developed a treatment literacy project to assist young people with adherence to treatment, nutritional support and voluntary counselling and testing. UYP supports orphans and vulnerable children by linking them with foster homes and addresses the vulnerability of marginalized groups such as internally displaced people, who live in camps.  To date the organisation has mobilized over 20,000 young people across Uganda to conduct advocacy activities and has become a network hub for all other youth organisations that carry out advocacy campaigns for promoting greater involvement of people living with HIV.

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Profile in Brief
Uganda Young Positives
Non-Governmental Organisation
Field of Work
Care and Support
Human Rights
Stigma and Discrimination
Populations Served
Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
30 volunteers, 5 full-time, 6 part-time
  • The organisation has been able to mobilize over 20,000 young people living with HIV countrywide with support from UNAIDS and technical assistance from UNFPA. The mobilized young people living with HIV have been a big asset in the organisation’s advocacy and have played a key role in HIV prevention efforts among young people.
  • UYP successfully carried out massive advocacy campaigns on treatment access and campaigns to ensure that drugs are stocked in the districts of Kamuli, Luwero, Wakiso and Kampala.
  • Contributed to policy briefs being designed and signed by stakeholders and disseminated to key policy figures at different levels, such as the chief administrative officers, the district health officers and the speaker of parliament for consideration.
  • UYP has become a convergence point for all other youth organisations that carry out advocacy campaigns in the light of promoting greater involvement of people living with HIV.


  • Straght Talk Foundation
  • Uganda Youth Development Link
  • Ministry of Gender
  • WHO


Telephone: 0414-273639
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Sentema Rd
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