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Asociación de Mujeres Meretrices de la Argentina (AMMAR) was formed by sex workers and victims of violence inflicted by police. Its founders met in 1994 during riots while resisting arrest at a time of police suppression and violations against sex workers. AMMAR has since become a major organisation in the national AIDS response in Argentina. Once part of the national Argentinean workers’ union, AMMAR instituted education programmes reaching out to communities, schools, bars, universities and poor neighborhoods, and carried out training and workshops on sexual and reproductive health and HIV prevention. In the area of promotion and protection of women sex workers' rights, in 1998 the association challenged the existing municipal misdemeanor codes, focusing on sex work practices. It successfully advocated the repeal of such ordinances and reform of the municipal code in the cities of Parana and Buenos Aires and continues to fight for the removal of these codes in other cities. AMMAR is actively involved in issues related to sexual and reproductive health, gender violence, and access to comprehensive health care, HIV education and housing for sex workers, empowering them by providing a platform for sharing their experiences.  Today, the association has 15,000 members within ten provinces and has joined other political and social organisations.

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Profile in Brief
Asociación de Mujeres Meretrices de la Argentina
South America
Community-Based Organisation
Field of Work
Legal Assistance
Human Rights
Populations Served
Sex Workers
40 volunteers, 3 part-time employees
  • Participated and voted in national and regional tables of the Argentinian Confederation of Workers (CTA).
  • AMMAR is responsible for managing the Executive Secretariat of the ReDTraSex (Network of Sex Workers of Latin America and the Caribbean).
  • Achieved visibility in the media for the work of the organisation and around issues concerning sex work issues.
  • Submitted formal complaints with various government agencies on violations of the rights of sex workers.
  • Empowered sex workers and reduced HIV and sexual transmitted infection  prevalence among sex workers. AMMAR’s work has contributed to the decline of HIV prevalence among sex workers from 3% in 2000 to 2% in 2007.
  • Conducted the first National Consultation on Sex Work, Human Rights and HIV, in partnership with the National AIDS Directorate and the Association of transvestites, transgender and transsexuals of Argentina. Key officials from the national ministries of health, education, human rights and labor, as well as officials from international organisations like UNAIDS, PAHO and UNFPA were involved in the process. The outcome was a base document of provides recommendations for the creation of public policies.
  • AMMAR worked in collaboration with the University of Buenos Aires to conduct a participatory research project on the  HIV zero-incidence and resistance in populations of men who have sex with men, sex workers, drug users and pregnant women, in eight cities in Argentina. ANMAR's fieldworkers provided advice, raised awareness and personally accompanied sex workers during tests and in follow-up in cases where the outcome was positive. 


  • Red Bonaerense of People Living with HIV and the Association of Transvestites
  • Transgender and Transsexuals of Argentina (ATTTA)


Website: http://www.ammar.org.ar/
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Phone: +54-11-4307-810
Avenida Independencia 766
Buenos Aires