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The Center for Domestic Violence Prevention (CEDOVIP) works at the grassroots, civil society and government levels to build an environment supportive of women’s rights to safety and equality in Uganda. Through creative training activities of their project, SASA!, Mobilizing Communities to Prevent Violence Against Women and HIV, CEDOVIP works at the grassroots level to mobilize and engage community men and women, local institutions and policy makers in the Kampala District to re-think their use of power, particularly in intimate relationships, in order to create more equitable, safer relationships. The organisation also builds the capacity of national NGOs on violence against women and HIV vulnerability. Finally, CEDOVIP’s National Advocacy for Violence against Women Prevention work uses media campaigns and policy advocacy to create supportive environments for women’s rights and safety by encouraging a change in attitudes, behaviour, policy and practice in the country. Over the past eight years, CEDOVIP’s structured and systematic approach to preventing violence against women, protecting women’s health and strengthening HIV prevention has ensured that these issues became national concerns that government and civil society have paid attention to. In 2009, thanks to CEDOVIP’s influence, Parliament passed the Domestic Violence Bill.

outreach to men thru sporting activities
work with the catholic church to condemn vaw
outreach to men thru sporting activities
work with the catholic church to condemn vaw
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Profile in Brief
Center for Domestic Violence Prevention
Non-Governmental Organisation
Field of Work
Legal Assistance
Human Rights
Stigma and Discrimination
Populations Served
14 full-time staff
  • Participated in the policy formulation of the Domestic Violence Bill and coordinated a civil society advocacy campaign that won support for this bill among members of Parliament, the media sector, community members and religious leaders.
  • In collaboration with the Uganda Police Force, CEDOVIP developed “Responding to Domestic Violence: A Handbook for the Police Force.”
  • In collaboration with the Kawempe community and leadership structures, CEDOVIP created the first ever Domestic Violence Bylaw in Uganda.
  • Intense media engagement has not only increased attention and awareness on the issue of violence against women and women’s HIV vulnerability in Uganda but has also positioned CEDOVIP as a credible voice linked to the grassroots, thus increasing the organization’s ability to bring these critical issues into policy arenas.


  • Raising Voices
  • Gender-based violence reference group coordinated by the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development


Website: http://www.raisingvoices.org
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