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The Association Pénitentiaire Africaine (APA/Burkina) works to defend the rights of prisoners in Burkina Faso. The organisation offers voluntary HIV testing and counselling, HIV-prevention education, and support and care services as well as legal assistance to inmates, with attention to particularly vulnerable groups like young detainees and women in custody. The association provides care and support, including education on antiretroviral treatment adherence, to HIV-positive prisoners and makes sure that inmates receive continued support after their release. Education programmes are gender-sensitive and are conducted with inmates as well as with prison staff. APA’s policy work includes advocacy for the promotion of alternative sentences to imprisonment in Burkina Faso, lobbying for specific quarters dedicated to women prisoners to be built as part of every detention centre in the country and an audit of the national prison system, which resulted in a set of recommendations that led to a national prison policy adopted in 2006. The innovative work of the association and its partnership with the Ministry of Justice constitutes a model for raising the awareness of the human rights of prisoners, including the right to health, HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.

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Profile in Brief
Association Pénitentiaire Africaine
Non-Governmental Organisation
Field of Work
Testing and Counseling
Care and Support
Legal Assistance
Human Rights
Stigma and Discrimination
Populations Served
Prisoners esp. Young Detainees and Women
Prison Staff and Guards
2 full-time and 20 members
  • Contributed to providing legal assistance to inmates in all prisons in Burkina Faso.
  • Produced a manual on the rights and duties of inmates.
  • Prepared recommendations for a national prison policy, which led to the adoption of a policy document by the National Penitentiary Department of Justice in January 2006.
  • Successfully advocated for alternative sentences to imprisonment, leading to adoption of laws 006-2004 and 007-2004 of April 6, 2004, relating to community service.
  • Contributed to the establishment of a center of minors in conflict with the law in Laye.
  • Played an active role in organizing the Pan-African conference on Penal and Prison.
  • Implemented a project called "HIV Prevention and Care in Prisons in Burkina Faso, sensitising 12,000 people and providing testing for 3,000 people.
  • Established a working relationship with the Ministry of Justice, creating a model for raising the awareness of human rights of prisoners, including the right to health, HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.


  • Burkina Faso Ministry of Justice
  • UNICEF Burkina
  • Terre des Hommes Italy
  • National Council to Fight against AIDS and STIs in Burkina Faso
  • Association of Earth in/CONTRO of Turin


Telephone: 226 50373305
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Secteur 28 Zone 1
BP 5671
Burkina Faso