Celebrating Community Leadership and Action On AIDS
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2010 Red Ribbon Award Winners


Association Pénitentiaire Africaine is an organization in Burkina Faso that has served as a model for raising awareness of prisoners' human rights, specifically the right to health, which includes HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.

Center for Domestic Violence Prevention works at the civil society and government levels in Uganda to build an environment that is supportive of women's rights to safety and equality, underlying issues behind women's vulnerability to HIV in that nation.

Chrysalide operates a centre of support for women with HIV, drug users, sex workers and ex-prisoners, and has through HIV prevention and sensitization programmes reduced stigma and discrimination experienced by people living with HIV in communities throughout Mauritius.

Elan d'Amour has played a catalytic role in improving access to HIV treatment and care by modelling how to integrate community organizations into the health care system of Cote d'Ivoire.

Nikat Women's Association is the first community-based association in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia that is devoted to improving the living conditions of low-income women and commercial sex workers, thereby fighting poverty and protecting the right to health.

Physicians for Social Justice has trained family caregivers and volunteers in Nigeria to conduct home visits to support people living with HIV, and in particular women, thereby challenging existing gender and cultural stereotypes.

Positive Women's Network has been at the forefront of the HIV response in South Africa by creating a safe space for women with HIV, comprehensively addressing their needs and forming a powerful group that educates the wider community about HIV.

Pride Community Health Organization Zambia operates a safe haven in Zambia for people living with HIV, particularly orphans, vulnerable children, youth, women and people with disabilities, providing them with HIV and tuberculosis care, and support through home-based care services.

The Initiative for Equal Rights was established in response to human rights violations against sexual minorities and focuses on the health needs of men who have sex with men, slowly breaking the silence around issues of sexual minorities in, Nigeria.

Uganda Young Positives has mobilized over 20,000 young people across Uganda to conduct advocacy activities and become a point of convergence for all other youth organisations that advocate for greater support for people living with HIV.


Substance Abuse Research Center – SARC-AMAN is the first organisation in Gaza, the Palestinian territories to tackle issues of drug use and HIV, including stigma and misconceptions associated with these issues, in student and refugee populations.

Widows, Orphans and People Living with HIV/AIDS is a community organisation of people living with HIV in Southern Sudan and works to increase access to anti-retroviral treatment by forming partnerships with hospitals, facilitating referrals for treatment, and developing a home-based care system.


Novices Aids Intervention and Rehabilitation Network is an organisation of novice Buddhist monks who have been trained as HIV peer-educators, breaking the stigma associated with HIV and becoming a model for other novice monks and monastic schools in Thailand.

Positive Voice is an organisation of drug users and former drug users in Nepal, successfully lobbying for access to harm reduction services and anti-retroviral treatment for people who use drugs.

The Youth Volunteer Group is the first community-based organisation working across four regions of Thailand to respond to the needs of children and young people living with or affected by HIV.


Albanian Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS (AAP) reaches out and provides support to key populations at higher risk in Albania such as women in prison and children living with or affected by HIV. In addition AAP also targets health-care and education-system staff to advocate for targeted services.

International Treatment Preparedness Coalition in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (ITPCru) mobilises and trains people living with HIV in Russia to advocate for their inclusion in local, regional and international decision-making mechanisms, and facilitates information exchange, distributing crucial information through its innovative web and media campaigns.

Penitentiary Initiative has developed an effective model of integrated services for inmates living with HIV in six under-resourced prisons of Ukraine.

SPIN Plus is a pioneer and leader in community-based organising throughout Tajikstan, providing innovative and peer-based services in to drug users and people living with HIV.

Svitanok Club is the first organisation in the Donetsk, Ukraine region that is created and managed by people living with HIV and drug users, becoming a catalyst in the creation of other organisations serving this population.

Timur Islamov Charitable Foundation has built a strong relationship with local authorities and public health centres in Russia, facilitating its provision of services such as HIV testing, referrals, and support programmes for drug users.


Asociación Comité Contra El Sida Cabañas – CoCoSI has improved awareness of HIV prevention, stigma and discrimination in El Salvador by providing education on reproductive health rights, HIV and STIs, gender, sexuality, domestic violence, and gender-based violence.

Asociación de Mujeres Meretrices de la Argentina – AMMAR is a network of 15,000 sex workers that has successfully advocated for the adoption of municipal codes and ordinances in Argentina that protect and promote the rights of sex workers.

Colectivo SerGay de Aguascalientes, A.C. works to expose injustice and document human rights violations towards sexual minorities and marginalized groups in Aguascalientes, Mexico, and provides those populations with a community centre that is a safe space for medical, therapeutic and psychological support.

Productive Organisation for Women in Action – POWA uses a mobile information booth, featuring live music and dancing, to attract a wide range of community members in Belize and educate them about HIV, gender-based violence, condom use, and HIV testing and referral services